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British Pendulum Tester

British Pendulum Tester

The Stanlay Portable Skid Resistance Tester is a high quality direct reading instrument that provides the measure of the friction between a skidding tyre and wet or dry road surface. The Instrument facilitates a road or runway engineer, based on numerical scientific results, information on whether a measure needs to be taken to reduce skidding . The instrument can also be used for testing on tiles, surfaces especially relevant to areas with high thoroughfare/ human traffic.?The instrument can be used in a laboratory or On Site. Conforms to: EN 1436, EN 13036-4, ZTVM 02

The skid resistance tester is a static device that is specified for use for testing skid resistance , a functional indicator of safety level provided to road users.

The Stanlay SRT 1090 skid resistance test equipment utilizes a rubber slider that is mounted at the end of the pendulum arm onto a head with a known mass. The pendulum when released from a horizontal position strikes the sample surface with a constant velocity. The distance travelled by the pendulum head subsequent to striking the sample is based on the friction of the sample surface under test. The skid resistance is indicated directly on the instrument.

The instrument can also be utilized for the PSV test that involves subjecting a sample of similarly sized aggregate particles to a standard amount of polishing. The specimens are soaked and then skid resistance of such polished specimen is tested. This PSV value is a friction measurement in accordance with international standards ASTM D 3319, ASTM E 303, CEN EN 1097-8.

The instrument is based on aluminum and chrome steel high quality construction , complete with height adjustment knobs , built in spirit level and provided in a hard carry case.

Product Specification
Dimensions 75 ± 1 mm wide, 24 ± 1 mm deep, 6 ± 1 mm thick
Hardness BS ISO 48:2010 55 ± 5, and 96 ± 5
Resilience Lupke Rebound Test BS ISO 4662:2009  
Temperature  °C 0 10 20 30 40
Resilience % 43 to 49 58 to 65 66 to 73 71 to 77 74 to 79
  • Portable Skid Resistance Tester to determine the friction of asphalt and flooring material.
  • Release mechanism, low friction pendulum arm for better accuracy.
  • For high precision results extremely light pointer.
  • Slider lifting system integrated in the pendulum foot that guarantees reliable adjustment operations.
  • Easy and reliable height adjusting system.
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