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Cable Installation Equipment

Cable Installation Machine

Stanlay cable installation equipment are produced using highly sophisticated technology based on world class materials in an ISO 9001 – 2000 quality facility. Our underground cable installation equipment is based on flexi rod composite fiberglass rods.

Our featured range of products used by Telecom, Professional Electrician and Datacom Contractors over 15 countries worldwide including USA, Europe, Middle East, Asia & Australia.

Our different range of cable installation equipment are as follow:

1. Duct Rodders are used to find, follow and accurately map the duct route without excavation or digging.
2. Fish Tapes are used by electricians to route new wiring through walls and electrical conduit.
3. Push Pull Rods are used for pushing & pulling wires and running cables behind walls, through crawl spaces, in false ceilings & under floors

Benefits with Stanlay underground Cable Installation Equipment:

* Highly resistant to bending & shearing stress allows passing through tight bends
* Small radius of curvature allows passing through tight bends
* Low coefficient of friction & heat resistance allows the rod to travel longer distances and operate in harsh environments.
* Specialized Plastic coating used is abrasion resistant and results in extreme durability.
* Flexi rods are nonconductive and therefore safe for the operator

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Fiber Blowing Machine

Cable Blowing Machine

Fast, safe and effective method for fiber optic cable installation from 8-32 mm dia cables at upto 90 m/min. Comprises of Air box, Cable pusher and Hydraulic power pack. Economical.Sturdy. Gets the job done.

Conduit Rodder

Duct Rodders

Conduit rodders install optical fiber cables at the lowest cost. Preferred choice of telecom contractors worldwide for installing optical fiber cables in buried ducts ,for distances upto 300m (1000 feet).

Push Pull Rod

Fiberglass Push Pull Rods

Push Pull Rods are ideal for pushing & pulling wires and running cables behind walls, through crawl spaces, in false ceilings & under floors. Connect as many rods together to attain length necessay.

Telephone Gropher

Fish Tapes

Fast, rigid yet flexible – Professional fish tapes – Based on non conductive composite fiber glass rods. Ideal for pulling cables & wires for professional electrical & AV contractors.  

Duct Mandrels

Duct Integrity Testers

Ideal for performing duct integrity test procedure in buried telecom ducts prior blowing or installation of optical fiber cables.

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