Cable Blowing Machine

Fast, safe and effective method for fiber optic cable installation from 8-32 mm dia cables at upto 90 m/min. Comprises of Air box, Cable pusher and Hydraulic power pack. Economical.Sturdy. Gets the job done.

Stanlay is the leading cable blowing machine manufacturer in India. The cable blowing machine is a safe and effective method of ofc cable installation i.e. Pushing the optical fiber cables in the pre-installed, prelubricated HDPE / plastic telecom ducts. The cable blower works on the venture principle, compressed air is fed into the duct, and the hydraulically powered cable feed system controls the fiber optic cable. The cable blower machine is suitable for duct dia size of 8-32 mm

Cable Blowing Machine

OFC Cable Blowing Machine

The Cable blowing machine comprising of an air box , Cable pusher and Hydraulic Power Pack has been designed to provide an effective and safe method of fiber optic cable installation.

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