Flexible Traceable Duct Rodders

Ideal accessory for tracing route of buried non metallic ducts/pipes, when used with pipe & cable locators. Two distinct versions MTRACK for plumbing contractors, CTRACK for telecom contractors. Used extensively for OFC installation with easy to use simple push technique.

Stanlay Traceable Duct Rodders are a unique option for use with pipe & cable locators that significantly enhance the capability of pipe and cable locator for tracing the route of buried non metallic and metallic pipes.

Connect a signal transmitter with locators to energize unit with a specific frequency. When the rod is pushed into an underground pipe, the signal radiates through the soil to the surface. A signal receiver detects the frequency applied to the locator allowing the entire buried utility pipe to be traced and marked continuously from above ground by one man without digging.

Two Options to choose from depending on size of buried pipe or duct that needs to be traced :

CTRAK Traceable Duct Rodder are used for standard telecom ducts based on a sturdy composite fiberglass rod of the 9mm DIA with a built in 1mm copper wire that is rigid yet flexible enough to guide into non metallic HDPE ducts, plastic pipes and metal pipes up to lengths of 300 meters / 1000 feet.

MTRAK Traceable Duct Rodder are used for small plumbing pipes or other ducts based on a 5.5mm composite fiberglass rod with 3 x 0.5mm tracer copper wires

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Traceable Midi Duct Rodder

MTRAK – Traceable Midi Duct Rodder

The MTRAK is a midi traceable duct rodder for tracing route of buried/underground smaller dia non metallic pipes (eg. – 25mm dia pipes or higher).

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Traceable Maxi Duct Rodder

CTRAK – Traceable Maxi Duct Rodder

The CTRAK is a maxi traceable duct rodder for tracing route of buried/underground non metallic telecom HDPE ducts or plastic pipes of 36 mm dia or higher.

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