Digital Compression Testing Machine

Stanlay digital compression testing machine have been designed to measure strength of concrete which is very important aspect during construction.

Our compressive strength testing machine/Cube Testing Machine extremely durable and simple to use by any operator at any level for making quality control testing possible.
The unit is compact and useful for site and laboratory applications.
The digital machines are provided with a pace rate controller, to enable maintain a constant of loading.
Concrete Compression testing machine conform to IS: 14858(2000) and calibrated with an accuracy of ± 1% as per requirement of IS: 1828 (Class1). The Stanlay Concrete Compression Machine is available in capacity option of 1000KN, 2000KN and 3000KN.

Digital Compression Testing Machine

ST 9000 Digital Compression Testing Machine

ST 9000 compression testing machine has been designed for simple and reliable test of concrete for its compressive strength with digital pace rate indicator.

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Automatic Digital Compression Testing Machine

ST 9000 DPRC Automatic Compression Testing Machine

ST 9000 DPRC series Micro Controller based Compression Testing Machine is intelligent pace rate controller , data logging, data printing, load hold etc.

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