Underground Utility Markers

Ideal for permanent marking and unique identification and locating of your underground utility assets easier with minimum lifetime of 50 Years and if buried with utility assets


Electronic Marker Locator

Electronic marker locator is strong powerful locator with capability of detecting seven application-based electronic marker types (power, water, sanitary, telephone, gas, cable TV, non-potable water).

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Electronic Marker System

Analog radio frequency marker is a passive electronic marker system for permanent marking of buried cable & pipe utility services. It provides an economical & reliable method for permanent marking of utilities during installation.

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Buried Electronic Ball Marker

Electronic Ball markers make the job of exact locating underground facilities faster and easier. Other buried markers can be disturbed by back fill dirt or installed improperly so they don’t stay positioned correctly.

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Buried RFID Marker 

RFID Electronic cable & pipe marking is a intelligent system for permanent marking and tracing of your underground facilities with smart radio frequency identification system for marking and generation of maps for cable/pipe and other utilities being installed.

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